Swan River Adult Education Inc. is funded by the Province of Manitoba and is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors.
We are a community-based program with individualized instruction for adults 19 years of age and older.
At Swan River Adult Education, our learners study in a relaxed, informal adult-friendly environment.
Swan River Adult Education operates out of two sites within the Town of Swan River- the main downtown location (Site 1) and a second site (Site 2) located within the Swan River Friendship Centre.


By Mail:
Box 1330
Swan River MB R0L 1Z0
By Phone: (204) 734-9391 (Site 1)
(204) 734-9301 (Site 2)
By Fax: (204) 734-4965
Drop In:
Site 1- 128-5th Ave. N (beside Madoco’s)
Site 2- 1413 Main Street (S.R. Friendship Centre)


Q  When can I start?  Learners can start any time through the year as we are a flexible, continual intake program.

Q  When are you open?  We are open September to June, Monday-Friday 9:00am-3:30pm.

Q  Should I bring anything with me if I am interested in registering?  Bring in any transcripts you may have from high school or other post secondary institution.

Q  What are the costs?  There is a yearly fee of $25 to register.  There are no other costs other than a few supplies.

Q  Will I need to attend full time?  Our program is very flexible and very individualized so no two plans are exactly alike.  Any consistent time commitment will work.  Many of our learners work part time or full time, have children or volunteer commitments so they come during their lunch breaks, days off or when their children are in school.

Q  How long does it take to get a credit?  In our experience, most learners can achieve 2 credits in about 4 months and thus be able to receive 4 credits in a school year.  The more often a learner attends and the more time spent on a course will decrease this time needed to achieve a credit(s).

Q  How many credits are necessary to graduate?  To achieve a Mature Student High School Diploma, learners must have 8 credits.

Q  What is the difference between Site 1 and Site 2?  Site 1 is a smaller, open concept school with access to downtown amenities and schools.  Site 2 is a school within a public building that has a cafeteria as well as occasional other public events.

Q Are you open in the summer?  Our school calendar is very similar to the public school calendar.  We are closed through Christmas break, spring break, and through the summer.  However, we do not follow the public school calendar in terms of Professional Development.  We have our own calendar for those days.

Q Do you have a graduation?  Yes we have an annual graduation that takes place the end of June that celebrates the achievements of the graduates from both sites.

Q If I have been out of school for awhile, are there refresher courses I can take?  We have many refreshing options for English, Math and Sciences. 

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