Swan River Adult Education Inc. is funded by the Province of Manitoba and is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors.
We are a community-based program with individualized instruction for adults 19 years of age and older.
At Swan River Adult Education, our learners study in a relaxed, informal adult-friendly environment.
Swan River Adult Education operates out of two sites within the Town of Swan River- the main downtown location (Site 1) and a second site (Site 2) located within the Swan River Friendship Centre.


By Mail:
Box 1330
Swan River MB R0L 1Z0
By Phone: (204) 734-9391 (Site 1)
(204) 734-9301 (Site 2)
By Fax: (204) 734-4965
Drop In:
Site 1- 128-5th Ave. N (beside Madoco’s)
Site 2- 1413 Main Street (S.R. Friendship Centre)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Graduation News

Plans for the 2013 graduation are underway!

The date has been set or Friday, June 21st, at 1:00 at the Friendship Centre. The currently confirmed graduates from Site 1 are Rosa Waldner, Jeremy Jacobs and Cyndi Miles.  The currently confirmed graduates from Site 2 are Lawrence Martin, Darbie Paul, Howard Leask, Denise Chartrand, Logan Spence and Travis Kematch.

Graduation pictures will be held Wednesday, April 24 at the Friendship Centre.

  • 1:15 Rosa Waldner

  • 1:25 Cyndi Miles

  • 1:35 Jeremy Jacobs

  • 1:45 Lawrence Martin

  • 1:55 Darbie Paul

  • 2:05 Howard Leask

Graduates have been measured and gowns have been ordered.

Next grad meeting is Wednesday, May 1st at 10:00 a:m at the Friendship Centre.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

What I learned today

Being the math teacher doesn't mean I don't get my own opportunities to be a learner as I got an interesting Grade 12 Physics lesson today.  The evening class last night taught by Carol Larson was about momentum and learners Jeremy and Josh thought I may find what they learned interesting.  So today, Jeremy made sense of this;

Thanks for the lesson Jeremy!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Canadian Adult Learners' Week

"I'm Still Learning"

April 6th-12th is Canadian Adult Learners' Week

What did you learn today?  What would you like to have learned?  What prevented you from learning?


On September 8th, 2000, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), a specialized agency of the UN, officially launched International Adult Learners' Week.  The founders of International Adult Learners' Week understood that the most effective way to underscore the importance of lifelong learning was to give adult learners themselves the chance to express their views, describe their challenges, and document their success stories.

Canada officially joined in the celebration of adult and lifelong learning in 2010.  Across Canada and around the world, adult learning and literacy festivals and events share a common purpose- they are advocacy tools for raising the profile of adult learners and lifelong learning; they mobilize individuals to take advantage of the multitude of learning opportunities open to them; and they serve as a reminder that adult learning can be a powerful instrument for change.

This year, Canadian Adult Learners' Week will be celebrated from April 6th-12th and this year's them is "I'm Still Learning."

Learning with Cake

Learners at Site 1 and Site 2 got a yummy interruption to their studies on March 4th, with Branden Becker's Orange-Lemon Cake.  Branden made this cake as an assignment in his Oral Communications in English.  We all loved the results of the assignment.  Can't wait for the next one!

Click picture to see full size

CPR Workshop

Friday, April 5th, an Emergency First Aid/CPR course was held at the Friendship Center.  Presenter Brett Stephen did an awesome job presenting to the 26 attendees from Site 1 and Site 2 as well as attendees from Succeed Connections and the Youth Centre Staff.  Those in attendance from Site 1 and Site 2 were Heather Cryderman, Melba Sinclair, Lincoln Wall, Darbie Paul, Kaitlin Bone, Jackie Becker, Branden Becker, Susan Ducharme, Robert Spence, Jackson Spence, Lawrence Martin, Reginald Kematch, Jarrod Paul and Laura Brass.  Great job everyone!