Swan River Adult Education Inc. is funded by the Province of Manitoba and is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors.
We are a community-based program with individualized instruction for adults 19 years of age and older.
At Swan River Adult Education, our learners study in a relaxed, informal adult-friendly environment.
Swan River Adult Education operates out of two sites within the Town of Swan River- the main downtown location (Site 1) and a second site (Site 2) located within the Swan River Friendship Centre.


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Monday, November 4, 2013

Grad 2013

Another great year at Swan River Adult Education Site 1 and 2 as we had the privilege of graduating 10 wonderful learners!  Special thanks to the graduates for their hard work, the staff at Site 1 and Site 2 for the many preparations, the board members who attended our ceremony and the special speakers and guests for your wonderful and inspirational words of wisdom.  Thank you to the family and guests of each graduate that were able to attend.  It made the day so much better!


Swan River Adult Education Site 2 - Blair Church, Darby Paul, Denise Chartrand, Howard Leask, Lawrence Martin, William Cook

Swan River Adult Education Site 1 - Allison McKinney, Cynthia Miles, Jeremy Jacobs, RosaMarie Waldner

"This World Is Yours"

Wishing you the very best in the future!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Course Snapshot

Morning!  Today's post is to introduce Start Your Own Business and Retailing;  2 business courses offered at Swan River Adult Education.
Start Your Own Business is a half credit Grade 10 course that includes the following topics;

1. Introduction to Business- all about business, skills needed, law of demand and supply

2. Forms of Business Ownership- partnership, corporation, sole proprietorship

3. The Marketing Environment- target markets, competition, profit

4. Develop the Product or Service- name, logo design, business locations, production

5. Financial Planning and Analysis- financial statements, budgeting, break-even points, assets, types of credit

6. Managing and Protecting Your Business- effective communication, human resources,  contracts, insurance
 Retailing is a full credit Grade 10 course that includes the following topics;

1. Intro to Retailing

2. Store Policies- handling money, customer service

3. Analyzing Target Markets- know you customer, product knowledge

4. The Buying Process- the buying cycle

5. Inventory- receiving and storing inventory

6. Pricing- pricing strategies and procedures

7. Store Image, Layout and Design- store location, store image, displays

8. The Selling Process

Meet Mae Quinlan

 Mae is currently a learner at Swan River Adult.  She completed Grade 10 Start Your Own Business and Grade 11 Retailing in the 2012-2013 school year and is currently working on her Grade 10 Essentials Math.  Mae's future plans are to also take Grade 11 Promotions in the current school year.

 Mae has just launched her own business called Jacklegger's Wear which is an online clothing company geared towards the mining industry.  Jacklegger's Wear offers hoodies, sweatpants and t-shirts in a variety of designs.  The start of the business coincided with her enrollment at the Adult Education Centre.  "The Start Your Own Business course provided me with essential information about income, expenses, balancing debits and credits and most importantly with creating a business plan.  The Retailing course provided me with insight in managing my inventory and how to target specific markets."

Mae has plans to continue to expand her business by adding more product and appealing to more than the mining market.  She is very anxious to begin Grade 11 Promotions to assist her with this business expansion.

Mae's product line can be viewed at:


If you have any questions about any of the business courses offered at Swan River Adult Education, please stop in or call.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone!  Another school year has started and Swan River Adult Education is eager and excited about meeting new learners and together finding new success.  We are a continual intake program so we welcome new learners anytime during the year.

Message from the Director:

As summer draws to a close, children all over the Valley are busy making back to school preparations, filled with the excitement of reuniting with old friends and making new acquaintances, as well as the anticipation of new challenges and experiences.

The exhilaration of starting a new school year, however, need not be limited to the young. Parents, grandparents, and other adults living in Swan Valley have a variety of educational opportunities available right in their own community. One example of an excellent educational opportunity for learners, 19 years and older, is Swan River Adult Education – possibly one of the Valley’s best kept secrets.

Swan River Adult Education (SRAE) is a non-profit, registered adult learning centre and literacy program which is funded through provincial grants and administered by a local volunteer board of directors. The centre operates out of two locations – 128 Fifth Avenue North and the Elbert Chartrand Friendship Centre.

Several factors make SRAE a unique, attainable, and enjoyable educational experience. All courses are completely tuition-free, with a nominal $25 annual registration fee, and all textbooks and resources are supplied at no cost to the learner.

SRAE operates on a continual-enrollment basis which means that, while the centre follows the same calendar as the public school system, an adult learner is able to register and begin a course at any time throughout the school year.

This concept of continual enrollment addresses the need for flexibility that most adults, who attempt to balance school with busy home-lives, child-care and employment, face. Each SRAE learner works independently and at their own pace so there is no standard daily attendance requirement. As long as the learner maintains their educational plan and demonstrates sufficient continuous progress, SRAE instructors will adapt to meet the learner’s needs and time constraints.

Individualized, custom-made educational plans provide SRAE learners a wide variety of program opportunities. The following scenarios highlight just a few examples of the many options available:

• Many adult learners enroll at SRAE with the goal of attaining a high school diploma. SRAE is a registered Manitoba Adult Learning Centre which offers the Mature Student High School Diploma.

The eight credit Mature Student High School Diploma is equivalent to a regular 30 credit high school diploma. All of SRAE instructors are Manitoba-certified teachers, and all credit courses comply with Manitoba’s Department of Education curricula.

SRAE celebrates its learners’ achievements with an annual graduation ceremony.

• In order to meet specific college or university entrance requirements, a graduate with a previously earned Grade 12 diploma from a regular high school or adult learning centre may enroll at SRAE for additional credits.

For example, a high school graduate planning to enroll in one of the post-secondary courses offered locally through University College of the North or Assiniboine Community College may wish to first complete a Grade 12 English Language Arts, Mathematics, Biology, or Physics course at SRAE.

Any learner who has previously achieved a high school diploma may attain, at no cost, up to four additional high school credits at Swan River Adult Education.

• An adult with a specific goal of employment may opt to enroll at SRAE to take a Grade 9-12 career development course.

Besides gaining high school credits, with these types of courses, adult learners will be introduced to today’s world of work and will enhance specific skills such as resume writing and job seeking.

• A parent, with or without a high school diploma, may choose to take a Grade 9-12 credit course such as Mathematics or English Language Arts at SRAE in order to gain more confidence in helping with their child’s homework.

Most adult learners relay that they feel a boost of self confidence and a greater sense of self-esteem when they become educational role models for their school aged children.

• A learner may enroll at SRAE to upgrade basic skills in math, reading, or writing in order to boost their self-esteem and self -confidence in everyday life.

As well as being registered to provide high school credit courses, SRAE operates as a certified adult literacy program, offering non-credit pre-Grade 9 upgrading in many areas.

Any adult with the motivation and willingness to learn may register for upgrading courses. Many learners move into the high school credit program upon successful completion of upgrading.

Regardless of their initial reason for enrolling, most learners who attend SRAE come away with a great deal more than improved basic skills, course credits, or a high school diploma.

What is gained is a renewed understanding of self, much greater self-confidence and self-worth, a sense of belonging and purpose, and motivation to continue learning throughout life.

Perhaps most importantly, SRAE learners gain many new acquaintances and life-long friends with whom they share ambitions and dreams of a brighter future. What better motivation could there be for adults to enroll in adult education classes than a chance to share with their children the feelings of exhilaration and anticipation prompted by the start of a brand-new school year.

Hope to see you at school!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Graduation News

Plans for the 2013 graduation are underway!

The date has been set or Friday, June 21st, at 1:00 at the Friendship Centre. The currently confirmed graduates from Site 1 are Rosa Waldner, Jeremy Jacobs and Cyndi Miles.  The currently confirmed graduates from Site 2 are Lawrence Martin, Darbie Paul, Howard Leask, Denise Chartrand, Logan Spence and Travis Kematch.

Graduation pictures will be held Wednesday, April 24 at the Friendship Centre.

  • 1:15 Rosa Waldner

  • 1:25 Cyndi Miles

  • 1:35 Jeremy Jacobs

  • 1:45 Lawrence Martin

  • 1:55 Darbie Paul

  • 2:05 Howard Leask

Graduates have been measured and gowns have been ordered.

Next grad meeting is Wednesday, May 1st at 10:00 a:m at the Friendship Centre.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

What I learned today

Being the math teacher doesn't mean I don't get my own opportunities to be a learner as I got an interesting Grade 12 Physics lesson today.  The evening class last night taught by Carol Larson was about momentum and learners Jeremy and Josh thought I may find what they learned interesting.  So today, Jeremy made sense of this;

Thanks for the lesson Jeremy!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Canadian Adult Learners' Week

"I'm Still Learning"

April 6th-12th is Canadian Adult Learners' Week

What did you learn today?  What would you like to have learned?  What prevented you from learning?


On September 8th, 2000, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), a specialized agency of the UN, officially launched International Adult Learners' Week.  The founders of International Adult Learners' Week understood that the most effective way to underscore the importance of lifelong learning was to give adult learners themselves the chance to express their views, describe their challenges, and document their success stories.

Canada officially joined in the celebration of adult and lifelong learning in 2010.  Across Canada and around the world, adult learning and literacy festivals and events share a common purpose- they are advocacy tools for raising the profile of adult learners and lifelong learning; they mobilize individuals to take advantage of the multitude of learning opportunities open to them; and they serve as a reminder that adult learning can be a powerful instrument for change.

This year, Canadian Adult Learners' Week will be celebrated from April 6th-12th and this year's them is "I'm Still Learning."

Learning with Cake

Learners at Site 1 and Site 2 got a yummy interruption to their studies on March 4th, with Branden Becker's Orange-Lemon Cake.  Branden made this cake as an assignment in his Oral Communications in English.  We all loved the results of the assignment.  Can't wait for the next one!

Click picture to see full size

CPR Workshop

Friday, April 5th, an Emergency First Aid/CPR course was held at the Friendship Center.  Presenter Brett Stephen did an awesome job presenting to the 26 attendees from Site 1 and Site 2 as well as attendees from Succeed Connections and the Youth Centre Staff.  Those in attendance from Site 1 and Site 2 were Heather Cryderman, Melba Sinclair, Lincoln Wall, Darbie Paul, Kaitlin Bone, Jackie Becker, Branden Becker, Susan Ducharme, Robert Spence, Jackson Spence, Lawrence Martin, Reginald Kematch, Jarrod Paul and Laura Brass.  Great job everyone!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Warren's Story

My name is Leonard Warren Houle, I go by Warren.  I am a 46 year old male, married with four children.  Their ages are 14, 5, 4 and 3.  I am of Aboriginal descent and have a status/treaty card under Sandy Bay First Nation.  Growing up, I have lived in Sandy Bay First Nation and Brandon, Manitoba as well as other various places throughout Manitoba.  In the last two years, I have lived on an acreage in the R.M. of Minitonas with my wife and children.

Throughout my life I have learned and practiced our Aboriginal culture.  I have attended and participated in Sundance, Sweat lodge, pipe ceremonies and medicine teachings.  Now from the teachings of our Elders and ceremonies I have been given the rite to conduct Sweat lodge ceremonies and teachings.  My family and I enjoy this way of life and practice it at every opportunity.

In 2002, I obtained my Heavy Duty Mechanics Technician Certificate in Brandon, MB.  I eventually felt that I could contribute more to my community and returned to the Assiniboine Community College in 2005.  I graduated from the Aboriginal Community Development Program and received my diploma in 2007.  I was then employed by the YWCA,(Youth Woman's Christian Association), Meredith Place, which is a half way house for paroles and also a safe home for the mentally handicapped.

I am currently enrolled at the Swan River Adult Education Centre in Swan River, Manitoba.  I am working towards acquiring my Mature Student High School Diploma.  My studies include English, Math, and Science.  I decided to return to school to further my education and to reach my life goals.  I have interest in working for Natural Resources and will be enrolling in the Natural Resource Management Technician Program at the University College of the North in The Pas, Manitoba.  The program starts in 2013 with a graduation year of 2015.  I feel that with my knowledge and experience of this program, I will be able to contribute to society and my community.

Returning to school at SRAE has been challenging buy I have enjoyed it immensely   The instructors have been very helpful in ensuring my successful completion of the program.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Swan River Adult Education Personal Experience

by Cheryl Lunding (written in winter 2011)

When it comes to reasons for attending the Swan River Adult Education centre, mine is a bit of an unusual one.  In the beginning, I went to them not for educational purposes, but for medical rehabilitation.

In recent years, I have been faced with some medical issues which complicate matters, to say the least.  No complaints, many have it worse.  I just needed a way to retrain my brain to be able to handle sensory overload, concentration concerns spatial and balance issues as well as a way to interact with the public on my kind of manageable level.

In the fall of 2009, I was in dire need of a personal challenge, something to focus my mind on in the hopes of improving my overall health.  Most people do not sign up for computer courses or high school credit courses in order to improve their health, well, they're not me.

My years of working at the local newspaper had given me a lot of experience using computers, but I have had no formal training to document on my resume.  After spending some time discussing my needs and the available options with the SRAE staff, I decided to start with the Microsoft Office Certificate courses.

Due to sensory overload issues, I worked in a small, darkened office, ear plugs in and sunglasses on, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the other hard-working students.  Staff and students alike accepted me just as I was; the staff was very sensitive to my needs and offered any assistance necessary to help me meet my goals and made me feel productive, part of the real world once again.  Slowly, I was able to remove the ear plugs, then the sunglasses and eventually rejoin the world in the main education work area.  It was like being reborn and becoming a part of the whole.

As I finished my MS courses, I gained a sense of self-worth, a belief that I could achieve anything, even if I did need more time than someone else, a little extra patience.  The work was worth doing because the prize at the end, me feeling better about myself, me feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally, was well worth the effort.

I love going in to the school, seeing other students striving to meet their own personal goals.  Watching them encourages me to push myself harder, to set higher goals for myself. The students are welcoming and friendly, smart and funny, focused and goal-oriented.  It's great to see and be a part of.

I have continued with my studies at the centre, upgrading some of my high school courses, taking others to meet university entrance requirements.  Despite everything I have been through, and still deal with, I have an aspiration to become a Licensed Practical Nurse, and the Swan River Adult Education Centre is helping me accomplish this goal.  To all the staff and students at the Swan River Adult Education Centre, thank you for your acceptance, help and comradeship, I am greatly enjoying my experiences with you.

To all those out there thinking about finishing high school, upgrading your old skills or learning new ones, I recommend you come see what the Swan River Adult Education Centre can do for you.  You won't regret it.

* update note by administrator- Cheryl is just completing her first year of two in the Licensed Practical Nurse Course.   Way to go Cheryl!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Puppy Walking

On Wed Feb 27, Donna and learners Jackie Becker, Travis Kematch and Robert Spence from the Friendship Center volunteered at the Swan Valley Animal Protection Leaque.  It was a great day for playing and walking the puppies.  Cleaning up the mess left by the puppies-not as much fun.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


My name is Jeremy Jacobs. My mother, a single parent, raised my brother and I in a community in Manitoba called Mafeking.  Mafeking is a small community that doesn’t offer much at all but was nice because of its location.  It is located in the Porcupine Provincial Forest approximately 600km North West of Winnipeg.  The bush was in my back and yard, and offered so much to a kid growing up in a community with nothing.  I spent my summers fishing and falls hunting with an uncle and an older gentlemen from the nearest Reserve.  Since growing up in a small family who didn’t have much, half way through my grade eleven and twelve, I got a taste of making money working for the Manitoba Conservation fighting fires; that was the end of my education for the time.  I spent about three summers doing that and working in the winter for a cousin who owned a logging company.

                 By this time I realized that I wasn’t going to really have a career without a grade twelve and found out  you only need a grade ten to join the Canadian Forces.  April of 2004, I signed up for a Program that the Canadian Forces was running; it was called the “Tommy Prince” program.  Tommy Prince was the most decorated Aboriginal in the Canadian Forces and they ran this course to try and recruit more Aboriginal people to show them what the military life was like. 

 After completing all my training I was posted to Shilo, Manitoba, (Western Canada) to the First Regiment of the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery.  In 2007 I started work-up training to go to Afghanistan for 2008. In February of 2008, I flew into Afghanistan where I would stay till September of that year. On my last day, our last road move, I was involved in an Improvised Explosive Device, (IED) where I was exposed to a blast less than fifty meters in front of me that took out an armored vehicle along with the whole road.  At the beginning of 2009 my co-workers and family started notice a change in me.  Not long after that, I would spend the next two years being treated for Post- traumatic stress disorder, (PTSD), Traumatic brain injury (TBI), and loss of hearing in my left ear.

In the fall of 2011 I asked to be released from the Canadian Forces and they allowed me to work at completing my high school starting six months before my release date (February 2013).  I’m currently enrolled at the Swan River Adult Education Centre in Swan River, Manitoba.  I enrolled in grade twelve Math and English and completed that in December 2012.  In January I started working on Geography and a course called Life Work Transition as well I’m taking Physics twice a week in the evenings.

Returning back to school was a big change and challenge for me or anyone who goes from full time work to full time student.  I not only had to adjust to the different life but also with the stress that after suffering a head injury was I going to be able to retain what I will learn in school day to day.  With half the School year left and nothing but positive outlook, I wish I would have done this years ago and not waited so long.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Food Safety Course

Friday, Feb. 22 a Foodsafe 1 Course was held at the Swan River Friendship Centre.  Those in attendance were from the Swan River Adult Ed Site 1 and Site 2 as well as the Youth Center.  We learned a lot about food pathogens, food preparation safety and sanitization.  It was an all day course with a test at the end to receive our certification.  Thanks to the presenter from Asssiniboine Community College for a great job and to Nick for the course organization.  We enjoyed a super lunch of hamburger soup, sandwiches and homemade bannock made by Donna and Melanie.  Thanks ladies!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rosa’s New Beginning

I grew up in a Hutterite Community in Maple Creek, SK with a German dialect as my main speaking language. I learned English, but it was not encouraged. Learning to work was more emphasized than education. Mom was the head cook of the colony. With nine in our family, she was busy sewing, house cleaning, and my dad was just as busy. We just didn’t have a good elementary school teacher, and my parents had no say. At age fifteen you were considered an adult. My school was done, and I was expected to work with the ladies doing gardening, cooking, sewing, and a lot more different activities.

 As naive as I was, I left home at age twenty by myself and in the dark, and moved to Lethbridge, AB. Yes, life was hard not having a good education. I had to work to pay my bills, rent, and food. I found a low paying job at $4.00 an hour at a pizza restaurant, and later on I worked at the Lethbridge Lodge starting wage was $6.50 an hour. I was barely meeting my needs, so I decided to go back to upgrade myself.  I struggled a lot because the classes were too big and I couldn’t visualize when I was reading. Growing up and having no T.V. or magazines made it hard for me to comprehend. I had no problem doing Math, but when it came to doing a word problem, I just couldn’t understand the concepts of what I was reading. Deep in my heart, I needed to work on my reading before I could continue to finish my education.

At that time, I met my future husband, who lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We got married August 3, 1991, and moved to Portage La Prairie. We had two boys and one daughter, and I was a stay- at- home mom. My main goal was to make sure they learned how to read.  On July 2001, my husband found a different job at the OSB plant in Minitonas, as an electrician.  My younger boy was eight months old when we moved.

Little did I know that I would have a day care in my home! I stated up by taking care of one of the teacher’s children, and then word got out. While reading to my daycare children and my own children, my comprehension improved. I have to give praise to my daughter and my oldest son who encouraged me to start reading their level of middle year books. I started to have a love for reading. Last year in 2010, I made another big decision. I have decided to go back to school, and get my grade 12.

Going back to school was very difficult. I left behind some parents as their children’s daycare worker.  This was upsetting to the parents and me. I had a meeting with the community, and they are in the process of getting a daycare to fill my space. My dreams are to work with little children once I finish my grade 12 in the public school system as an educator assistant.

Although it took much courage, coming to Swan River Adult Education Centre has been a joy. It seems what I learned from work experience makes my school easier. Best of all I enjoy reading much more, and can understand the concepts better. I will cherish my past and live for today.  I have a dream that I can complete school and have a brighter future. For me, I see the possibility of a miracle.

Rosa Waldner, Swan River Adult Education Inc.

This story can be found in the spring/summer 2012 edition of Write On Magazine published by the Literacy Partners of Manitoba.

There are the Moments when we feel Despondent

 The sun comes up in the morning

and then evening comes it sets.

In these moments of life,

we can chose to live our lives fully like the sun

pleasing ourselves or live somber.

It’s a choice, we all have to make

either we walk the path of life in a positive way

or we can be moping

by feeding these negative thoughts into our life’s.

No one will do it for us,

we have to make a step

forward and speak words of life.

Choosing not to be despondent

On yourself, can be health to your body and soul.

There are days when, when we have

These dark somber clouds hanging down,

But we can light a candle by lifting these clouds

and let words of life coddle our minds.

Let us draw strength from words

of inspiration that can lighten our life’s

and help us rise up like the sun.

By Rosa Waldner

This is a poem, I wrote that really spoke to me. I read a book that my teacher suggested to me as a summer reading project, In Search of April Raintree by Beatrice Mosionier. I was given some words and then I wrote this poem. The book is awesome if any of you want to read a good summer reading book. It touched my heart.